How to handle the online shopping epidemic?

Responsive Warehousing and Distribution Systems

August 2019

Increases in online shopping continue to drive demand for package delivery. Thanks to Amazon and other online outlets, it’s easy than ever to have whatever you want at your front door in a couple of days or some cases the same day. According to the Wall Street Journal, UPS will join FedEx in making deliveries seven days a week starting next year. Both companies want to stay competitive and keep up with demand. That raises the question, what about all the logistics between ordering and the package arrival at its final destination? The need for responsive warehousing and distribution systems becomes more critical with the increase in volume.

Keep up with demand with responsive solutions.

For nearly three decades, world-class companies have trusted Intellimodus to keep them productive and profitable with dependable, accurate warehousing, and inventory distribution systems. Let us help you keep everything in precisely the right place at the right time.

Our warehousing systems are constructed using several essential solutions that are integrated seamlessly, to preserve the efficiency, storage, and movement of materials and goods. Before actual physical implementation begins, our engineers use detailed design drawings to determine the optimal components to use when constructing the system. These drawings map the location of every field device and include electrical schematics on how the devices are wired. This customized process provides better system design while eliminating wasted material and effort.

Our Upper and Lower Level Software and Controls Systems minimize downtime, allow the smooth operation of your systems, provide fast response capabilities if issues arise, and provide constant awareness of system operation. The all-encompassing Upper-Level Software and Control System includes the Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and Maintenance Diagnostic Systems (MDS) that work together to translate system operation into a graphic display. Users can easily monitor performance criteria, faults, and system operating modes. The Lower Level Software and Control System use custom-written logic for the PLCs to maintain complete control of the machine.  

Our reporting packages use an intuitive web interface to provide operators, managers, and maintenance personnel with a constant stream of data that keeps them informed about system status in real-time, from anywhere. Each reporting package is customized for every implementation, allowing greater efficiency and optimization at every level for every client. Read about our Warehouse and Distribution Systems or Contact Us to chat about your needs.

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