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The Louisville Waterfront Park

Louisville, KY

  • 900+
  • 100
  • 5
    Water Cannons


Waterfront Park Water Feature

The Louisville Waterfront Development Group was founded in the 1990’s with the mission to provide aesthetic improvement for downtown Louisville. While doing so, they took an urban wasteland and turned it into a riverside park. Part of this new development was providing a playground for people of all ages, which is why they included an interactive water feature.

The water feature is over 900 feet long and includes terraced pools of water, punctuated with five water cannons. At the top of the water feature is the “Dancing Waters” play area, which includes an array of 100 solenoid-controlled jets of water that are individually fired.

  • Maintenance personnel can easily monitor and maintain the system

Instrumentation, Controls Design, & Scada

Intellimodus, formerly ControlTouch Systems, was selected to provide controls design and programming for this water feature. We based our design around the Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLC and included a Wonderware SCADA system. This allows the maintenance personnel to easily monitor and maintain the controls system. Our start-up services included testing and calibrating level and pressure control systems, as well as the tuning of the proportional-integral-derivative (PID) loops controlling the Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for the systems water pumps.

We also installed an automated alarm notification system. This involved our adding a WIN-911 auto dialer system to the SLC500 PLC based control system. This is used to alert maintenance personnel to problems in the system.