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Lake Maggiore

St Petersburg, FL


Relamation 7 Dewater Project

This reclamation and dewater project was part of a larger project to revitalize the 325 acre lake in Florida. Working with Phoenix Process, we provided a mobile central control room and process control system for the project. The system pumps sand, silt, and water from a dredge barge in the lake. This takes the water through a treatment process and then is returned to the lake. The solids also go through a system to separate the organic materials.

Process Control System & Mobile Control Room

The mobile process control room was provided in a 40’ shipping container for placement around the lake during the dredging process. The mobile control room contained the Motor Control Centers (MCCs), a PLC, a PC HVAC unit, two-man door access and Meltric quick disconnect field terminations. The process control system incorporated an HG cyclone separator and a 120’ clarifier to treat the water. It also included eight belt filter presses for the separation of organic solids.