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Kenworth Truck

Chillicothe, OH


Frame Assembly Conveyor Line

The Frame Assembly Conveyor Line controls the progress of frames through the entire assembly process. At the beginning of the line, frame rails are loaded and queued in sequence order on a floor conveyor to feed into tan automatic load station. At the load station Job Identification or VIN numbers are scanned or entered for proper tracking and job spacing on the assembly line. The load station then loads the truck rails onto a waiting J-hook Power & Free carrier. Carriers are released at work spacing intervals to meet the desired line rate.

Power & Free carriers loaded with frame rails are tracked around the conveyor line to various assembly stations. Carriers are transitioned from 90 degree bias banks, to 45 degree bias, to straight in-line travel, while maintaining proper spacing for varied truck frame lengths during the assembly process. Repair spurs are provided for automatic routing of difficult or problem trucks.