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Marysville, OH

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Nsx Paint System Conveyor Line Project

Honda of America reached out to our company to handle the Control System for their Paint Conveyor Line. Our team handled the job from design to completion, designing all the electrical controls, fabricating the control panel, performing shop testing and verification, as well as performing field start-up and debugging. Our team was on site to make sure the system we developed worked flawlessly. The main purpose for the system was to control the progress of the car frames as they progressed throughout the entire painting process.

Components of this Project

  • Interfaced with a Durr paint oven over a hardwired interface
  • Used a custom socket-based interface to communicate with an RFID reader over ethernet
  • Installed HMI and LED displays in the paint booth areas to display job data

The system utilized a skid based system with a custom jig for mounting the car body panels for prep and paint. Jobs were entered into the system at the load deck where we received job data from the factory information system (FIS). We then wrote that data to the radio frequency identification (RFID) tag associated with the skid being loaded. That information was used to track the jobs around the sortation loop once the job was released from the load deck. They system tracks the jobs through all facets of the paint process and also keeps track of the cure time for the paint. There are functions in the human machine interface (HMI) panels that allow operators to manually call jobs into inspection, prep, or put them into storage.