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General Motors

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Conveyor Systems For Body Pain And Storage

Intellimodus, formerly ControlTouch Systems, was asked by General Motors to provide controls solutions for the expansion of their manufacturing plant. With the addition of the Pontiac Aztec and the Buick Rendezvous, the plant had to incorporate two additional conveyor system on either side of the paint shop. The inverted Power & Free prior to the paint shop, and the overhead Power & Free after. One being much more extensive of a system than the other, but both integral to the process.

The inverted Power & Free System incorporation meant the addition of thee storage bank levels, each comprised of three lanes. Each level was equipped with a PanelView 100, allowing the operators to allocate vehicles to specific levels and lanes. This is important as the system is supporting four different vehicles. Once they have been assigned, the control system automatically routes the vehicles. It also gives the operators the ability to set ratios of vehicles being fed from the storage bank to the paint shop, ensuring production is meeting demand.

New Additions To The Gm Manufacturing Plant

  • Inverted Power & Free
  • Overhead Power & Free
  • PanelView 100

The Other Conveyor System

The other part of the system is the overhead Power & Free. This system created additional storage lanes on the other side of the paint shop. After the painting process, the system routes the body to the correct storage lane. This is also accomplished by an operator using a PanelView 100. This is done through the PanelView’s utilization of Smart-Eye readers, which provide the system with information about the bodies to automatically sort them into the correct lane. This streamlines the sortation process.